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It's ya boi Clay - my weird "stance name" because I'm soft and squishy and harden with time?? Wait that's not right..... oh well... Well Here we have another Clayton Invention! The Subaru Giraffe for The Comma Eon and OpenPilot! Your favorite Open Source Driving agent!

What's there to say!!! It's like all the other Giraffes; except for the Comma official one with clunky relays and all exposed like a clown in the jungle... boo... This one is better it's entirely covert! 007 style with the only sign being a USB cable for EON, your Subaru dealer won't even think about it! Just replace inline with your eyesight connector, connect your Panda and WOOSH your off to start communicating with your car!

This Snazzy device is all you need to get started interfacing with your cars CAN System so it can drive itself!


Cars have many CAN buses not exposed on the main OBD-II connector. Giraffe is an adapter board that gets you in.


For Information on installation go HERE

Will Work For Any Subaru Model!
Open Source Board & Files coming soon!!
Fork Me! - Subaru Autonomous Car Software for Comma EON 



It either passes through eyesight to retain stock functionality or allows EyeSight MITM -  OpenPilot

Giraffe also has an NEO compatible fake ethernet port with access to CAN1, CAN2, started detect, +12v, and ground.

(available upon request)

EON/NEO Dashcam Dev Kit Required - Buy


Installation Guide Here



*Subaru not yet fully supported by OpenPilot*

NO CUTTING! Original cover and 100% discrete

PCB Color: Blue Limited Edition

Use the switches to change between OpenPilot & Stock EyeSight


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*Optional for Neo compatability*

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*Board show without components

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*Disclaimer* I do this for fun & for the Subaru OpenPilot Community, Please order your Giraffe about 1 week before your comma hardware! I make many Giraffes to order and with love, and am not Amazon with 2hr delivery. Remember to handle your giraffe with care while installing they don't like abuse.

Save and buy previous Rev. 3.6 Giraffe

This Giraffe is the same as the current generation but now cheaper!! The only difference is a new connector for the car, this design was not suited for the smaller or different Subaru models. Please email me at Contact Me to talk fitment.
$40 with free shipping 
Guaranteed to work: 15' - 19' Outback & Legacy

*Disclaimer* I am in no way affiliated with Comma.AI or Subaru, any markings are sole property of there parent companies 

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